We’re excited to share information with you about the latest step in the Renewal Plan’s approach to your albums: expanded, fresh and unique products with the excellent service and fulfillment you’re used to.  Certain McPhersons, Tatex and Stylart albums will be retired on December 31, 2014. Be assured that these companies are still here and will continue to support you with Carlson Craft orders.

Shipping Table

When will flat rate shipping go into effect?
For orders placed through Carlson Craft Branded albums UPS flat rate shipping will go into effect September 3, 2013. All orders received BEFORE September 3, 2013 will receive the current shipping rates. These orders will not update to the flat rate. Flat rate shipping for UPS currently applies to orders placed through the Carlson Craft online Store sites.

Is the flat rate shipping the same as the CC Online Store?
Yes it is

What is the benefit to dealers for flat rate shipping?
It will allow dealers to know shipping costs when their orders are placed.

What is the benefit to end consumers for flat rate shipping?
It will allow consumers to know what their shipping costs are when their order is placed.

Are there flat rate tables for all shipping carriers?
Flat Rate shipping applies to UPS Only

Will there be a drop ship charge on top of the Flat rate shpping?
No , there is not a drop ship charge on top of the flat rate shipping.

What is Regional Print Fulfillment?
Regional Print Fulfillment utilizes The Occasions Group location's footprint to allow for orders to be fulfilled closest to the customer.

When will Regional Print Fulfillment begin?
Regional Print Fulfillment will begin September 3, 2013.

Will it take longer for me to receive my packages?
Your speed of delivery will either stay the same or be improved

Will regional fulfillment affect my shipping cost?
The flat rate shipping tables being implemented on September 3, 2013, applies to all Carlson Craft Brand orders shipped from all locations.

Who do I call for tracking Carlson Craft branded order information?
Contact Carlson Craft customer service. You are also able to look your order up online using your Carlson Craft account and pin number at Carlson Craft.com

Where will I send payment for an order that was fufilled by a regional fulfillment facility?
You will receive one invoice and it's payable to Carlson Craft

Who do I contact about a Carlson Craft Order that is fulfilled at a regional fulfillment location?
Continue to contact Carlson Craft Customer service for all questions on Carlson Craft branded orders and programs.

Where do I send my payments?
Our business processes remain the same. Continue to send your payments to the same place(s) you do today.

Is my (Tatex, Stylart, McPhersons) account now a Carlson Craft account?
Continue to use the account numbers you use for each company you currently order from. For example, for orders placed from a McPhersons album, you would use your McPhersons account number.

How do I get a Carlson Craft account?
If interested in becoming a Carlson Craft account Call 800-328-1782 and ask for the new account area.

If I am a current Carlson Craft dealer, do I need to renew my account number and start over?
There are no changes with your current Carlson Craft account, so you do not need to establish a new account or renew your current Carlson Craft account.

What is the product and schedule for new product added to the online store?
The most recent of the active albums are available online as well as approximately 100 online exclusives are added monthly, totaling over 1,000 online exclusives to date.

What albums are coming out in the next year?
The new Carlson Craft branded albums coming in January 2015 are: "Jean M Love + Paper" and an updated "Themes and Dreams" with an additional 100 online exclusive items added monthly to the Carlson Craft Online Store.

How do I make sure I receive one of the albums mentioned in the letter?
Call Carlson Craft Dealer Records at 800-538-1585 to learn if you qualify for one of our exciting albums.

Will going to one dominant brand limit the variety of choices or number of albums I have to offer my customers?
The number of designs, paper and style options will increase! The number of albums may change, but the assortment and options available to you and your customers will expand!

What products will be on the Carlson Craft Online Store?
In addition to showing Carlson Craft products, all items from the most current album versions have been added to the Carlson Craft Online Store. And remember, the Carlson Craft Online Store includes exclusive designs available only to you.

There are designs in my wedding album that I love and my brides order all the time, will that design now be offered by Carlson Craft?
Don't worry, we will make sure you have access to all the best sellers and you will have even more variety to offer your customers. As always, please call us if you do not see what your customers are asking for.

Artco/StylartMost Recent Book CodeAlso Current
Stylart Wedding InvitationsYY 
McPhersons and Tatex  
Affordably Inviting1AF 
Bride and GroomBG
Paper DuvetPF 
Value with LoveMG
Betsey HallWG
Paper & StuffPS
Silver BeginningsSB
Carlson Craft and Tatex  
Executive ImagesXE  
Carlson Craft  
Affordable StyleVJ 
Anniversary CollectionDS 
Bella Fiesta4F 
Bridal CollectionVF
Business FavoritesXN 
Business GreetingsXW 
Candlelight CollectionFD 
Candlelight BeginningsFJ 
Casual CollectionEE 
Complete Greeting Card CollectionXR 
Designer's ChoiceXD 
DIY: Do-It-YourselfFT
Exclusive Collection IIAS 
Exquisite GreetingsXF 
Flower WeddingJM 
Graduation StationeryGF 
Jean M It's In The Details4D 
Jean M Mixation4M
Mazel Tov4B2B
Occasions GaloreNH 
Personalized Holiday GreetingsXP 
Personalized LabelsKN KC 
Personalized StationerySWSH, SK 
Quite PersonallyZJ 
Regal CollectionXB  
Save the DateNQ 
Season's GreetingsXM 
Simple, But Elegant8T7T 
Themes & DreamsKB  
Wedding & Social Stationery (Blue)WKWM 
Wedding CollectionMS 
Welcome BabyCF
Retired Titles



Replacement Title(s)

Photo Greetings by Stylart


Carlson Craft Online Store

Stylart Wedding Invitations


Wedding & Social Stationery (WK)



Replacement Title(s)

Betsey Hall


Personalized Stationery (SW)

Paper & Stuff


Personalized Stationery (SW)

Programs Galore


Jean M It's in the Details (4D) 



Personalized Stationery (SW)

McPhersons and Tatex


Replacement Title(s)

Affordably Inviting


Affordable Style (VJ) 

Bride & Groom


Wedding & Social Stationery (WK)

Graduation Announcements


Carlson Craft Online Store

Paper Duvet


Jean M Mixation (4M) or Jean M Love + Paper (FL)



Carlson Craft Online Store

Value with Love


Wedding & Social Stationery (WK)



Replacement Title(s)



Bella Fiesta (4F) 

Diamond Collection

6F, DA

Affordable Style (VJ)

Silver Beginnings


Candlelight Beginnings (FJ)

What are the main advantages for dealers having an online store?
The Carlson Craft Online Store allows you to offer your customers a website carrying a vast array of products to celebrate any of life's events. New products will continually be added to your website, enabling you to offer the latest design along with products exclusive to the web. The Online Store will enable dealers to reach more of today's consumers who are shopping and buying online. Your customers will be able to: browse your wide selection of Carlson Craft products, select an item of their choice, view a virtual proof with their personalization, have their retail price calculated instantly and have their order shipped directly to them.

What is the contact information for getting more information about the online store?
Phone: 866-577-9751 Email: onlinestore@carlsoncraft.com

What will happen to my Tatex, McPherson and/or Stylart Online Partner site?
The Tatex, McPhersons and Stylart sites are no longer being updated. They will be phased out through 2014. You are welcome to continue using the sites as long as they are available, but we recommend setting up your Carlson Craft online store as soon as possible. If you are interested in learning more about the Carlson Craft Online Store, check out our demo at www.demo.carlsoncraft.com or email us at onlinestore@carlsoncraft.com

What is the Carlson Craft Online Store?
The Carlson Craft Online Store allows you the ability to offer your customers a convenient, user-friendly website to shop for an array of products to celebrate life's events. Benefits and features to help your customers include; the ability to upload and preview photos, robust search functionality, a "my favorites" section, ability for customers to "share" their selections with others, product reviews, easily-identifiable product headings, large images, and a flat rate shipping table based on order values. Benefits to you the dealer include; customer website themes, custom logo option, social media links, order notification, Google analytics, and local SEO (search engine optimization) to drive more local traffic to your Online Store. New products will continually be added to your website, enabling you to offer your customers the latest designs. Learn more by watching this video

How do I get set up with the Carlson Craft Online Store?
To become an online retailer of Carlson Craft products, call 800-328-1782 and ask for the new account area or email onlinestore@carlsoncraft.com.

I am in a location that is not in the same time zone as Carlson Craft. Will the customer service hours still be good for me to call if I need help and support?
Customer Service hours will reflect the needs of our dealers across the country. You will continue to get the same great customer service that you are presently receiving.

How will I know which facility to call for help on an order in the future?
Our business processes remain the same. Continue to work with the same contacts you are used to working with.

I am coming to the National Stationery Show this year, is someone from the management team going to be there to answer questions?
Our entire management team will be at the National Stationery Show this year. We would love to see you there and share our vision.

What are the plans to market the Carlson Craft brand to drive more end consumers to my business?
We are and will continue to aggressively invest to help you grow by promoting the Carlson Craft brand. Investments are being made in: national magazine advertising, consumer email campaigns, a mobile phone app, Carlson Craft Online Store, social media tools, new designs, and exclusive designs only available to Carlson Craft dealers.

I have published advertising that has McPhersons, Tatex and Stylart listed on it, what now?
We appreciate the advertising you are doing. It is OK to keep using those materials but plan to transition to the new logo when convenient.  Visit the Dealer Resource section of this site for updated advertising ideas.

Who will I submit my orders to?
You will continue to submit orders to the companies you currently submit them to, based on the album the item is from.

What will happen to my orders that are in process at this time?
Your orders will continue to be processed as they are today.

Can I continue to order from the albums or titles I am currently selling from?
Absolutely! We encourage you to continue to sell from the albums you are selling from today. As in the past, you will be notified when new , updated or replacement albums are available.