Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I setup my calendar reminders?
A: As a member you can enjoy the My Reminders service. Click here to join FREE now. You click here to enter in your special calendar dates along with your reminder notification if you are already a member.

Q: Am I able to import my friends’ birth dates from Facebook?
A: YES, you can and what a great question to ask! All you have to do is once you are logged in, click on My Reminders. Next, click on "Add". You will see 
. Click on it. Next, you will be importing all of your friends’ birth dates (who have dates listed) along with all of your events found on Facebook. How cool is that? The process is so simple and will save you a lot of time.

Q: I don’t see the “event type” I want to select for my reminder. Can I and how do I create a new
event type?
A: You can! I’ll give you the steps you need to do before you enter your reminder. Click on "Preferences". Do you see the "Your Event Types" box? How about the field next to “click to add new..."? This is the field that you would type in your event type name. Click on “click to add new...” next. Work? Do you see it listed in "Your Events Types" box? Great! You are good to go! Go back to "Add" and add your special event AND select your event type you just created.

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